Allie Gunning.
fuck yeahh, Im off monday too. I need to find a way to town sometime this weekend. xD

Oh, I know. Momma is off Sunday, so we can just make her get you then if it comes down to it!

How you doin, gurlll

Pretty goooood. I am sick. =/

You better come out today to get drunk!

If you can’t or the weater is yucky I am off school Monday, we can have a Sunday night drink! Haha.


Just think if all the orphans in the world turned into cats, then how much you would love them.

Dooooooood, mike told me you broke up but I wasn't believing it until I heard your story. What happened, hun?

Just sick of his crappppp. When you coming home?

Mmkay! He made me make him a profile and all this shit, then he hasnt touched it since, so I logged in under his and followed you. xD
What time are you guys comin home?

Juuuuust got this! Haha. Kyle is coming home tomorrow sometime and I wont be there till Thursday. Maybe we can get drunk and finish painting Mike’ room. xD

I'm so happy you got an ask box thing so we can talk now! ><
Love yeww! >:D

It is odd that you can’t just end like private message, or maybe this is jut way smarter than me! xD

I will be home later!

Love you toooo!



THIS is indie your babies. xD

Jolly Green Giant.

Jolly Green Giant.


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I just created this tumblr to talk to Alysin, ‘cause I miss our make-out sessions in the tent, and the booze! But mostly, her. <3

No homo.